Research & Development and strong focus on scientific and clinical evidence has been a cornerstone for operation of Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy since 2000, even before the foundation of the company.

The scientific base for all products lies in the foundational research conducted on Norway Spruce resin and its efficacy on treatment of humans and animals. The research team consisting of multi-disciplinary experts from fields of medicine, microbiology, mycology, chemistry, forestry and technology has been able to prove scientifically the safety and efficacy of resin and its resin products.

Use of high quality natural coniferous resin as main raw material is based on scientific evidence and its efficacy is proven in clinical studies. The Resol Technology patented by Repolar Pharmaceuticals is the latest step in proven and powerful product development based on the early findings and research into resin.

Repolar has a certified quality system according to ISO 13485 for design and manufacturing of medical devices.

Norway spruce (Picea abies) resin – a natural raw material

Spruce resin is a mixture of hundreds of compounds produced by a coniferous tree. The purpose of the resin is to protect the tree from external influences including different microbes (bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold) and insects, as well as dehydration and other physical stress. The tree produces at first so called physiological resin providing physical barrier and later other components that are highly critical for the long term protection and healing of the defect. The resin composition is based on a natural evolution throughout millions of years enabling the trees to live in a hostile environment.

To capture this nature’s unique defence mechanism into use as medical devices in the modern medicine requires evidence on safety, efficacy and product functionality according to ISO 13485 requirements.

Repolar uses unique and patented processes in manufacturing of solutions including the active components of the natural Spruce resin. The processes are designed to provide stable and safe solutions maintaining the broad natural effectiveness of the resin that protects and heals the coniferous trees.

With extensive studies the resin based products produced by Repolar Pharmaceuticals have shown to be safe. Only known contraindication is resin allergy caused by components that are known to cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to natural resin.

Resin is collected from trees in Northern Finland without harming them in this process. Controlled collection and quality control ensures the quality of the resin with full natural efficacy.

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