Repolar Pharmaceuticals was established in 2006 by a group of doctors and researchers. The company has offices in Espoo and Kolari. Repolar’s products are intended both for healthcare professionals and for private users at home. Our products are used in many hospitals and health centres. Our products for home use are sold in almost all Finnish pharmacies and veterinary surgeries.

Repolar researches, develops, produces and markets products for the treatment of wounds, nails and skin in people, and also for the treatment of animals. High-quality spruce resin is used as the main ingredient, whose mechanisms of action and efficacy have been proven in many clinical and laboratory trials. The company’s quality management system is ISO 13485-certified.

Nature’s own product development

“When a tree suffers a wound, a branch tears or winter weather breaks its bark, the tree produces resin to allow it to heal itself. In our research, we have comprehensively studied the inbuilt defence mechanisms of conifers that protect them from bacteria, fungi and yeasts. A tree is continuously protecting itself and resin is its unique means of defence. We have learned to use spruce resin gathered from living trees in our products for the treatment of humans and animals. The raw resin is cleaned using our patented method. Trees are not harmed in the process.”

The beginning

In 2002, Arno Sipponen MD, a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, began work as a general practitioner in Finnish Lapland where, together with his colleagues, he started to wonder how it was that the local people were so skilful in treating wounds with home-made resin salve. At that time, Arno’s father was Head of the Department of Pathology at the University of Helsinki. Together they established a multidisciplinary research group to study resin as a method of treatment for wounds. Studies soon showed that a resin salve manufactured using modern methods was effective and safe to use.

Resol Technology

Resol Technology patented by Repolar Pharmaceuticals is the last stage in product development based on scientific research. The technology has been developed as a natural continuum to previous studies and observations concerning the effective mechanisms and efficacy of resin. Through the unique Resol Technology, it is possible to use resin to continue further developing many products for the well-being of people and animals. Our story has just begun.