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“When a tree gets a wound, a branch is torn, or winter breaks the cover of the tree, it produces resin to protect and heal itself. The tree needs to protect itself and resin is its unique defence mechanism. We have harnessed this knowledge to help people and animals”

Birch Sap

Resol Technology


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Abilar® 5% introduced in Belgium

I.D. Phar BVBA has done a magnificent job in Belgium


Finnish wound care has landed on the UK

Abilar and Abicin was introduced in the annual Wounds UK meeting


Abilar® 5% Ointment available in Belgium

Abilar 5% Ointment has been launched in Belgium in August and it is now available in all local pharmacies


Resolain® Scalp Tonic

A soothing tonic for treatment of scalp and skin problems. Treats scalp and skin by removing and soothing dandruff, redness and itching. In laboratory in vitro studies the tonic was found to be very microbicidal against bacteria, fungus and yeast and it had a soothing effect on scalp. The tonic also contains glyserin, panthenol and allantoin, which moisturize and calm skin and sooth skin irritations.


AniWipe® Wet wipes for animals

Especially targeted for daily cleansing of skin, skin folds, paws, ears, as well as cuts.


Finnish Abilar® qualified for medical reimbursement in Great Britain

Over 60 million Brits are covered by the National Health Service (NHS).


R&D: Modern resin-based pharmaceuticals

Use of high quality natural coniferous resin as main raw material is based on scientific evidence and its efficacy is proven in clinical studies.